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Specialist RF Design and Consultancy

G8LMW provides high quality specialist RF design and consultancy services within the wireless transmission field through Analogue, Digital and more recently IP based networks.

As specialist RF Design and wireless network solution experts with a wealth of experience, we understand the principles and the need to help support our partners and customers to bring their products to market and the RF and EMC challenges this can bring along the way.

With over 35 years experience in the design and integration of RF and electronics based solutions, we would be happy to talk to you under an NDA to optimise or redesign you solutions or recommend ways forward using our knowledge and experience in the Security and Corporate world.

LMW Nemesis Controller

We Specialise In

  • Wireless and RF Systems Consultancy

  • Wireless and RF Design and System Integration

  • 3D CAD/CAM and prototype engineering facilities

  • Microwave and RF antenna solutions

  • Specialist Wireless Overt and Covert Security Systems and Installation knowledge, Audio, Video and Data/GPS

  • UHF – Microwave Antenna Systems Design and Test facilities

  • RF Propagation, EMC and drive test solutions

  • Mobile Networks

  • Wireless IP systems and solution engineering

  • Spectrum, Signal and Network analysis facilities

  • RF Calibration Service

  • Partnerships and solutions with Industry leaders

  • Support and upgrade services for LMW ELECTRONICS products and solutions

  • Security Cleared NPPV