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iRecord® Covert

Introducing the all new iRecord® Covert

Network Enabled Hybrid Digital Video Recorder, Player and Streamer

Flexible & Cost Effective Solution for All Your Security Needs

What is iRecord® Covert?

iRecord® Covert (HDVR-100) is a stand-alone, network enabled, hybrid digital video/audio recorder for security & surveillance applications, supporting both analog and IP cameras.

iRecord® Covert converts any analog camera to an intelligent, high resolution, network-enabled surveillance system.

iRecord® Covert enhances the functionality of the attached IP cameras by providing a store and forward A/V stream feature. Up to 4 IP cameras, including high definition camera are supported. Continuous, Event based and scheduled recording modes are available.

iRecord® Covert (HDVR-100) can be fully controlled, via standard web browsers, over LAN/WAN. View live feed of an analog or IP camera or a pre-recorded A/V file; 2-way audio, start and stop recording; PTZ; download a file or segment of a file; and delete/rename files.

iRecord® Covert is also a stand-alone player, with standard play back and smart search features that allow access to the recorded contents quickly & efficiently for local viewing. Both Event and Time based playback modes are available.

iRecord® Covert

iRecord Covert - network enabled hydrid digital video recorder, player and streamer - G8LMW Consulting
iRecord Covert - network enabled hydrid digital video recorder, player and streamer - G8LMW Consulting


  • Supports analogue and IP cameras
  • All in one web interface

  • Camera agnostic video and audio analytics

  • Event based, continuous & schedule recording
  • Offline play back mode


  • One touch recorder/player

  • Network-enabled plug and play

  • Records to any USB storage device

  • Full mobility

  • Email and SMS notification of events

  • Industry standard RTMP streaming


  • Analogue video (Input/Output)
  • Analogue audio (Input/Output)

  • 2 Ethernet ports (IP Camera, Network)

  • 2 USB ports (Storage Media)

  • 2 Serial ports (PTZ, GPS)

  • 4 Opto-coupled I/O